Product Highlights

     Heat Exchanger Types

  • Shell and Tube (all TEMA configurations and classes R, C and B) (double pipe, compact extended surface, refrigeration cycle, surface and gland vent containers)

  • Brazed Plate Heat exchangers

  • Gasket and Frame plate heat exchanger


  • Oil coolers with water as coolant for turbines, transformers, hydraulic power packs and related equipments.

  • Air blast oil coolers for  hydraulic power packs, diesel engines etc.

  • Air Coolers - Inter and After coolers.

  • Air Coolers for alternators and motors

  • Water to water heat exchangers for diesel engines, furnaces, etc.

  • Process heaters for chemical, Petrochemical and Food processing industries.

  • Condensers including surface and gland vent steam condensers.

     Materials and Construction

  • Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Cupro-Nickel, Admiralty Brass and Aluminium.

     Design and Fabrication Codes

  • TEMA, ASME section VIII Division I, Indian Standards, HEI and API.

     Salient Features

  • Heat Exchangers custom-built to suit the process specifications of the customer. Standard off-the-shelf heat exchangers are also available for hydraulic power packs from 1 KW to 200 KW.

     Other Products

  • Mufflers or silencers for various applications including diesel engines.

  • Pressure vessels including air receivers.

  • Hydraulic tanks and Quench tanks.

  • Lube oil systems.

  • Bitumen tanks for asphalt mixing plants.

  • Structural fabrication including base frames.


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